Hi there! I'm Wendi. I'm an award winning designer, developer, and marketing professional that is passionate about user interface and user experience (UI/UX). When I am involved in a project, I am thrilled when the final result is executed with the highest quality and standards with flawless, immaculate execution. I am driven by the desire to build and design an indelible story across all platforms. I stay true to my love of modern, clean aesthetics when it comes to design, but I understand and am capable of building complex web applications. When it comes to UI/UX, I am in absolute agreement with the usability guru Steve Krug, who says the golden rule is "Don't Make The User Think". The user should get what I have designed and they should know how to use what I have developed...without expending any effort thinking about it. All that being said, know this: if you need a humble unicorn that is a creative problem solver that works her tail off, I'm your girl.







● Use the RIGHT side of my brain to DESIGN clean, user friendly web applications
● Use the LEFT side of brain to DEVELOP to build solid web applications
● Drive superior user experience designs through data-driven consumer behavior insights
● Turn wireframes and prototypes into visual designs across a wide range of assets
● Create design and marketing strategies based on the client goals
● Effectively communicate how a creative vision will help achieve client goals
● Work directly with engineers, delivering them product specs and assets
● Create new design systems and solve problems within existing ones
● Plan interfaces and prepare wireframes
● Prepare and present clients with strategy, recommendations
● Translate web application designs in HTML/CSS/SCSS
● Work collaboratively with developers to implement and deploy sites
● Stay informed on current trends to keep applications on the cutting edge of technology and design
● Lead developer and coordinator of internet marketing programs and strategies

Create Sales & Marketing


● Oversee creative vision for digital expression of client branding
● Lead the idea development from conception to completion
● Design smart, beautiful web experiences
● Turn wireframes and prototypes into visual designs across a wide range of assets
● Drive collaboration between creative and technology teams to deliver relevant experiences
● Lead, influence and collaborate with cross-functional teams to deliver creative outputs
● Drive superior user experience design through data-driven consumer behavior insights
● Develop user centered design techniques that optimize experience
● Web development from design, development, testing to deployment
● Monitor and report on client website traffic and performance
● Inspire, manage, mentor, and collaborate with design team to create high quality visuals/experiences
● Manage the work of freelance creative technology team members
● Assisted in developing and coordinating internet marketing programs and strategies

AnkleBiter Designs (WSD)


● Created a variety of products for the scrapbook, décor, gift, and craft industries
● Designed all products, packaging and promotional print material for retailers
● Designed monthly craft kits, which became one of the top selling lines online, for the craft industry
● Mentored, inspired and collaborated with design team of twelve artists
● Team lead with the rebrand and launch of as
● Products featured on the cover of craft magazines due to innovative, creative ideas
● Taught Mixed Media Art classes at Great American Scrapbook Convention (GASC) and retail stores
● Wrote and Maintained personal blog which had over 100K visitors monthly, featured in magazine
● Created and designed rubber stamp and digital scrapbooking products
● Created and patented rubber stamp mounting product for craft industry
● Served as Creative Editor for first digital scrapbooking publication
● Wrote articles on mixed media and digitalhow-to's for various print and online media
● Designed, developed and maintained e-commerce company website
● Designed and photographed products and mixed media art for print publications and digital files

ORIGIN SYSTEMS (Electronic Arts)


● Assisted VP of Sales, National & International
● Designed and implemented effective marketing and advertising campaigns
● Analyzed sales forecasts to determine the correct time for launching campaigns
● Researched competitors’ products in order to ensure quality, quantity and availability
● Researched and followed up with media outlets relative to products
● Maintained and updated media kits
● Managed, mentored and inspired administrative staff
● Interfaced with department heads to ensure timely development of creative materials
● Assisted in planning and implementation of marketing department initiatives



General Assembly only accepts 10% of applicants, so I am really proud to be a part of their Alumni for the Web Development Immersive course. Hardest thing I have ever done, but hands down, the best thing I have ever chosen professionally. I was tired of mocking up beautiful designs and handing them off to a development team, only to have the web application returned looking nothing like I had envisioned. I figured, having gone through MakerSquare's Front-End Development course, it was time to go get a full does of coding. With over 700+ hours in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Node, AJAX, JSON & Ruby on Rails, I learned this was my passion...once I learned these things, I was able to not only design the web applications, I could now develop them.



With less than an 18% acceptance rate, I am thrilled to be an Alumni of MakerSquare's Front-End Development course. It was here I learned my advanced HTML/CSS and javascript skills, and was able to finally work my mockups into prototypes...for prototypes, in my opinion, are so much easier for people to understand because you are able to actually interact with them. It was here I learned that I wasn't just a designer/Creative Director, I was a programmer that upon graduation, was offered a spot in their Immersive program (I chose General Assembly, see above, instead, but I was truly flattered and grateful for the opportunities presented to me by MakerSquare in Austin, Texas).





● 2015 Best in Show, Austin Home & Garden Show
● 2014 Best Website Design, Texas Star Awards
● 2014 Best Sales Brochure, Texas Star Awards
● 2014 Best in Show, Austin Home & Garden Show
● 2014 Best in Show, NARP
● 2013 Best Website Design, MAXX Awards
● 2013 Best of Show, CIA Austin Chapter
● 2012 Best Website Design, MAXX Awards
● Recognized as the "Pioneer of Digital Scrapbooking"
● Over 200 Published Works, Online and Print

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