This Did Not Just Happen.

Of the most horrific single mom moments I have experienced, this one tonight? Yea, it seriously takes the cake. I've been cooking an *amazing* dinner and (having just checked my beautiful chicken and rice in the oven), I realized the corn on the stovetop needed a stir. Well done, Mama, looks fantastic. Get back to work project and notice I dropped a piece of corn on my I do what anyone ... READ MORE


Alright, warriors. Today, I'm thankful for Autism. Why? Well, because at the end of the day, with my experience (which I know is vastly different from other ones enduring this diagnosis)...of having a child on the spectrum, guess what I'm grateful for? Autism. Yep, specifically, High Functioning Autism (Aspergers). Why, some of of you wonder, would I say such a thing? From my experience raising Tate for the past 13 years, and knowing he was ... READ MORE

Art. It Makes Me Feel…Unbroken.

Art.. I hate it---for making me vulnerable. I love it---for making me feel. I remember what one of the women from a silent auction where my art was actually commissioned and was up for the highest bid....and this woman, well, I knew she was the (amazingly) high bidder on my piece. I remember she saw me and said to me as I was standing by my piece...(um, yea, I was feeling 150% vulnerable ... READ MORE



Someone, but not just anyone,  but disgusting terrorists murdered his wife. How did he respond? Well, I only hope I can apply what he is saying to every aspect of my life, as a goal. I just...cannot...breathe. Jesus, we live in such a broken world, let us all rise up as this man has.. and teach our children, others, what your message is... Our circumstances (the buttonhole ex-husband, ... READ MORE



Oh YEA! Another From the Archives, posted back in 2005. A few years ago, I was driving down a street in austin. Nice neighborhood, no worries. Well, it's about 9:00pm and I'm just kinda jamming to my radio (yes, i am just like those people on VH1's MotorMouth!). Well, I notice two on a ... READ MORE


Okay, looking for a Radio Interview I Did In 2005.

And I'm gonna pull every last hair off my head if I don't find it. Okay, the only thing you will get is bragging rights. Unless it is the full interview. Then I plan to send something fantastic to you. I mean, I highly value my google search skills...and even went to my old blog (cough cough, there are some really ... READ MORE

Women in Tech? Please!

There's Just So Much More To It.

Okay. So i waited to post because I'm still a little rattled by the Women in Tech lunch I spoke at today (and excuse the typos because the grammar police are not allowed to read this because i'm typing as fast as my head and heart will allow for and have zero room for proof reading).... First, nothing could have prepared me for how ... READ MORE

He Has Aspergers Syndrome.

And I Wouldn't Change A Thing.

If you cannot bear to read another post about Tate, I'll stop you right here. But, this post is really about something I've been assigned to do---document me going back through Tate's history. I've bawled, I've typed, then retyped, only to bawl some more approximately 1,945,559 times. Not because I'm sad that my son has High Functioning Autism. But, because I thought, writing assignment? Please, ... READ MORE

So, This Really Happened.

My Mom. A Lawyer. A Legend. An Airhead.

You have all read about my mom...sweet Caroline...she's a very, very smart woman...but, truth be told, she's also an airhead. (like her daughters). Well, yesterday we were talking about going to the grocery store. She goes on to tell me that the other day she and my dad made a trip to the store. But this was no ordinary trip. They go throughout the store, ... READ MORE

By Popular Demand: Lef T. Turds.

(from my OH MY BLOG on typepad from way in 2005, way back. And, here we go.)

Tale of the Lef T. Turds

Oh what a (cold!) beautiful day it is. I am in high spirits this morning....even though it is colder than rip outside. Lots of funny things to share this morning. First, I have a story. See, yesterday, I totally started cracking up...that uncontrollable kind of laugh. Why? Let me ... READ MORE